Opening February 29th!

It still seems almost unreal, but major construction is complete, and as the contractors finish up the pub we’re moving equipment in and about to start brewing!

So join us Leap Day Saturday, February 29th, 2020, for (at least one) beer, food, giveaways, and general merriment starting at 11 am!

The Cure for What Ales Brew

(We’re also going to brew lagers.)

Front Parking Slab

Sometimes Mother Nature taketh away, and sometimes she giveth right back. It looks like Tuesday will end up being the warmest day of the month, and the contractors were able to take full advantage, pouring all 2800+ sq ft of exterior concrete in a single day!

Most significantly for the brewing side of things, this starts a 30-day countdown for the slab to cure so that we can at long last start moving equipment in. Stay tuned!

Patio Slab

It’s… The Brewery That Wouldn’t Die!

I know it’s never easy getting a brewery open, but as zombie projects go, we have to at least be close to setting some records.

Just a few weeks ago I had the gall to post a tweet about how “a little snow” wouldn’t slow us down. Naturally, October then turned out to be a record snow month. Regardless, work has been proceeding as much as the snows allow, and with warmer weather in the forecast we should be getting concrete poured and the rest of construction back on track next week.

Happy Halloween, Y’all!