Delivering Beer and Food Daily!

The weather outside is frightful, but 2MBC has you covered! Continue reading Delivering Beer and Food Daily!

Hoodies Are Here!

Just in time for the forecast snow next week, 2MBC hoodies are now in stock! And starting at $28, so get yours while they last!

Fall Beer Releases

If the leaves are turning (well, have turned, thanks to early September snows) and the nights are frosty, it’s time to start drinking in the fall colors and flavors! Continue reading Fall Beer Releases

Growler Refills Available Again!

Welcome to another installment of The New Normal, wherein Executive Orders dictating what businesses can and cannot do change weekly. Fortunately for our particular industry, the newly updated guidelines allow us to reuse food and beverage containers, and that means growlers. Simply bring in your gently used 2MBC growler and receive a $3 discount off the next one!

Our PET plastic growlers can safely travel anywhere, and are counter-pressure filled, sealed, and refrigerated for a 90-day shelf life. With prices starting at $18 including deposit, there’s no reason not to stock up and be prepared for your next outing – or snowy evening you just don’t want to leave the house. And remember, you can always place a contactless curbside pickup order via the online store!

Closed Tomorrow

With continued snow in the forecast, the pub will be closed tomorrow, Thursday 9/10. Come back and see us Friday-Sunday!

Now Open Thursdays!

We ♥ Leadville locals, and I want to see more of you! We’ll be opening the pub from 11 am – 9 pm starting this Thursday, August 6!

Remember, a $99 one-year membership in the Two Mile High Club rewards locals with $1 Off Pints, and starting this week $1 Off Sammies!

Beer To Go Only Today!

2MBC will be selling Growlers To Go ONLY today, Sunday 7/26 due to the vagaries of Leadville weather. 🙁 Please come back to enjoy the best patio in town next weekend!

See you this weekend!

Opening Schedule and Menu!

Well, it’s going to be a somewhat softer opening than I would have thought a few weeks ago, but we’ll be serving up a limited food and beer menu featuring our first couple batches (more our zero-th and first batches, really, but who’s counting?). Come by Saturday and Sunday 11-9 to check out our fresh paint job and newly renovated patio! Remember, you’ll always be able to view up-to-date Food and Beer menus on our website.

We’ll also be extending our $69 Two Mile High Club membership sale through this weekend, so come sign up in person and grab your free t-shirt!

Let’s Try This Again…

Just in case you haven’t heard, Colorado is allowing restaurants to reopen, and we will reopen the pub June 20!

Stay tuned for more details as we work with public health agencies to ensure the safety of our staff and customers in the pub.